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With over fifteen years of experience in matchmaking, date coaching, life management, fashion and beauty, Ming Clark, owner and CEO, has opened the first interracial, multicultural focused matchmaking club for elite members in 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Color Blind International represents diversity. Our members are all races and come from different cultural backgrounds. In fact, we encourage our members to have an open mind and open heart when it comes to finding love.

Some may ask why an interracial matchmaking company? We now live in a world with various perspectives and a potpourri of people with rich experiences that can add to our overall quality of life, possibly creating some wonderful relationships and life experiences. Some members choose to date within their race, which is totally fine and others are open to people of different races or cultures, the choice is yours. Our job at CBI is to introduce you to the love of your life and create as many possibilities as we can to achieve that goal.

Ming has worked with elite clients in Atlanta. She has been expanding globally, increasing the diversity of the members at CBI and the industries that the they represent. We have created the Ultimate Social Environment for those willing to enrich their lives by having an open mind and open heart. 

As an elite professional client, we understand that your time is limited. Our job is to do all the footwork and pre-qualify all potential love matches before introduction to you. Saving you from wasted time and money. Your experience with us will be seamless. Let us show you why we have an 85% success rate with our clients. Fill out your complimentary online submission today.

Embrace the Differences……love is unique




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