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Match Making

In today's world who really has the time and the patience to look for love?
You can sit around and wait for it to happen to you or you can contact a Personal Relationship Consultant at Color Blind International to do all the work for you. We will locate, interview and introduce qualified matches for you. No more wasting countless hours only to end up on meaningless dates with Mr or Ms. wrong. We will use our 5-point proprietary system to match individuals that meet your standards and requirements. It's easy! So join and let us do the work. Let us be your modern-day Cupid!


At Color Blind International we offer our members luxuries. One being a Personal Relationship Coach. This coach will become a person that you can talk to and they will provide support to you while you are having your relationship experiences. These Coaches are certified and trained to give advice in:

  • Identifying key factors that may have contributed to unsuccessful relationships in your past
  • Relationship retention.
  • Help you deal with interracial relationship pressures.
  • How to integrate cultures for relationship success.
  • Suggest services that may enhance your dating experience.
  • And much more...

Contact CBI to talk to you personal relationship coach today!

Image Consulting

One thing is for certain and that is image is everything. We see it every day. Who gets the job? The person who has physically groomed himself or herself. The same thing goes for dating. If you are not dating, maybe it's time to have an assessment by one of our consultants. You have to put your best foot forward if you expect to meet your princess or prince charming. When you look good you feel good! For some changes must be made. At CBI we have some of the best image consultants, personal trainers, nutrition, makeup artists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons and hair designers in the world ready to redesign your dating look. Make overs are essential to success. The world is constantly changing. Why are you staying the same? Call now for your personal assessment. These assessments can be performed in your city or state via Skype and with imaging. If you are 'Color Blind Elite' we will visit you for service. Get on board to relationship success! Call today to set your appt with our image consultants.

Relationship Advice

Now you can receive relationship advice via email weekly. By becoming a member you will receive advice and tips from Ming or John. You can also ask any questions that you may have concerning your specific situation. You email will be answered that week! Send in your questions, we are ready!




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