5 Ways Hiring a Matchmaker is Better Than Online Dating

People complain of being ghosted, wasting their time, feeling unsafe and a bevy of pitfalls that comes with online dating apps. If you’re serious about finding love and want to feel empowered during the dating process, then hiring a matchmaker is your best bet.

Matchmakers offer a personal love concierge uniquely designed to fit someone’s specific dating requirements with the goal of finding lasting love. Since the services are designed to fit specific needs, the benefits are obvious.

  1. Value for Time. On average dating apps tend to waste time and money. From swiping left for hours and days and months of frustration picking through the “trash”, exhaustion may creep in before you reach your goal of finding a quality match, let alone a lifelong partner. A matchmaker will do all the work for you by choosing a better quality of matches, helping you cut down the time and putting you on the path to finding lasting love. The value for money speaks for itself.
  2. Value for Money. As stated above, you get what you pay for. If you’re ready to find long-term love and you want to avoid catfishing and mind games plus the mental exhaustion and questionable safety, then paying for a reputable matchmaker is worth the cost.
  3. Matchmakers offer personalized feedback that will empower you to date with confidence and intention. With a matchmaker, you get a personal life coach. Wouldn’t you want to know if you suck at dating from a dating expert who knows what they’re talking about? No one likes rejection yet it happens all the time, leaving the rejected one with questions with no answers. A reputable matchmaker will give you feedback that you can use to improve your dating experiences and offer advice that can help improve your chances of finding your soulmate.
  4. Safer Dating Experiences. The world feels more dangerous and that will increase as we journey into the metaverse. There are countless of complaints from men and women alike and too many news stories that remind us of the importance of sharing our whereabouts and personal details about a person you’re meeting for coffee or going to the movies, with close family and friends for safety reasons. As a standard, professional matchmaking agencies conduct background checks on their clients and affiliations. Since they are involved from beginning to end, they have all the details about your date that can put you at ease to focus on your dating experience and not worry about whether you’re with a serial killer or a thief.
  5. Minimizes the chance of ghosting. Ghosting is common in online dating. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll be able to link ghosting to abandonment issues or in extreme cases, even PTSD years from now. There’s a debate on whether ghosting is a form of ‘freedom of expression’ or just douchebag behavior. I tend to side with the latter. Getting back to my point, it’s natural to have great intentions for every date you have but sometimes, the chemistry isn’t there. And if that’s the case, you have a right to be privy to that.

In case the person feeling ‘blah’ shies away from direct communication, your trusted matchmaker is there to prevent ghosting or at least give closure if it happens.

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