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Hello, I’m Ming– Your Cupid! I love helping people find love.

For over 12  years, I have worked with singles that have opened their hearts minds, to find the perfect match. As I like to share, my own love story is a result of my amazing company. I met and fell in love with my husband who is of another race through ColorBlind International. This experience has been life-changing, eye-opening, and rewarding.

I want others to share in this experience too. That’s why I opened the first-ever interracial, multicultural-focused matchmaking agency for professionals in 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia. I have the pleasure of working with high-level clients all over the world and we’re continuing to expand in many ways while making diversity our cornerstone.

I have created exciting social experiences through matchmaking with complimentary brand extensions. – Date Favors, Wedding Singles, and The Custom Bride. My mission is to infuse and enrich the lives of those who have an open heart and open mind to finding love.

We like to say, happiness has no color. You fall in love with a  person, not a race. My only goal is to create happy, long-lasting relationships and  marriages, while providing as may options as possible.

Ming the Matchmaker

Color Blind International Represents Diversity

At our core, ColorBlind International is a luxury matchmaking company that is a representation of the full-scope of diversity. Our members are all races and come from various cultural backgrounds. We celebrate this and make this our strength. Love has no color. CBI is here to bridge the gap and give opportunities for those who are open to minded about finding love. We like to say “embrace the differences”. Let us show you why we have an 87% success rate. Find your  love match today!

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Pre-Interviews and Customer Relationships Specialist.
Senior CBI Love Recruiter
Jr. CBI Love Recruiter
Beauty Specialist
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