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With over fifteen years of experience in matchmaking, date coaching, life management, fashion, and beauty, Ming Clark, owner, and CEO, opened the first interracial, multicultural-focused matchmaking agency for professionals in 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ming has worked with high-level clients in Atlanta and she is expanding globally. Her data base is steadily increasing, while focusing on diversity. Ming has created the Ultimate Social Environment for those willing to enrich their lives by having an open mind and open heart ❤️ 

Ming met and fell in love with her husband who is of another race through her company. Her experience has been life-changing, eye-opening, as well as rewarding.

We like to say, happiness has no color. You fall in love with a person, not a race. Our mission is to provide our clients with as many options to fall in love and meet the right one as possible. 

However, we do not discourage those who choose to date within their own race, We will most certainly accommodate our client’s wishes, shall they choose to do so.

Ming’s only goal is to create happy, long-lasting relationships and marriages. 

Color Blind International Represents Diversity

Color Blind International represents diversity. Our members are all races and come from different cultural backgrounds. 

Some may ask why an interracial/ multicultural matchmaking company? We now live in a world with various perspectives and a potpourri of people with rich experiences. People are no longer limiting their happiness. They are becoming more open minded when it comes to finding love. CBI is here to bridge the gap and give those who desire to find that special someone the opportunity to do that with assistance. 

Our job at CBI is to introduce you to the love of your life and create as many possibilities as we can to achieve that goal.

As an elite professional client, we understand that your time is limited. Our job is to do all the footwork and pre-qualify all potential love matches before introducing them to you. Saving you from wasted time and resources. Your experience with us will be seamless. Let us show you why we have an 85% success rate with our clients. Fill out your complimentary online submission today.

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