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One-on-One Matchmaking

In today’s world who really has the time to search for love?

As a busy professional, we know that you don’t have the time, nor the energy to sift through online dating websites, frequent bars, or waste time on dates that you are in no way attracted to or compatible with. If you could only have someone to prescreen and prequalify your dates so that you won’t waste your precious time. Well, you can, at Color Blind International, we will locate, interview, introduce and pre-qualify all your potential matches for you. Ming will use her natural matchmaking abilities, along with her 5- point proprietary system to match you with individuals that will meet your standards and requirements. We take the guesswork out of the equation. This will allow you to relax and trust that your professional matchmaker has set you up with the right suitors, making your dates more enjoyable.

One-on-One Matchmaking Atlanta
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Date Coaching

At Color Blind International we offer our members luxury enhancement services. One being, our Personal Date Coaching. Ming or one of our CBI date coaches will provide you with pre-and/ or post-date coaching. Support and direction can is be a good option to have when navigating through the dating process. Whether you are a seasoned dater, who just had t found the right one or someone who doesn’t date much at all, it is good to have someone you can talk to about different situations or scenarios. Ming and her coaches are certified and trained to give advice in:

  • Identifying key factors that may have contributed to unsuccessful relationships in your past
  • Self Esteem challenges
  • Purging past history from and preparing for a new relationship (cleaning out your closet)
  • Identify what a good partner looks like
  • Breaking the unhealthy dating cycle
  • Dumping unwanted baggage
  • Receiving the love that you desire and want
  • Relationship retention
  • Help you navigate and work through the differences or challenges that may occur when dating interracially/ multiculturally
  • How to integrate cultures for relationship success.
  • Suggest services and techniques that may enhance your overall dating experience.

Image Consulting

There is one thing that is for certain — image is everything. We see it every day. Who gets the job in most cases? If two people have the same skills, The person who has physically groomed himself or herself, will most likely get the job. The same thing goes for dating. If you are not dating, maybe it’s time to have an image makeover. You should always put your best foot forward. When you look good, you feel good! For some, changes are necessary. Ming will assess your overall image needs. She , along with her CBI team consultants will help you through the process. We have some of the best image consultants, trainers, nutritionists, makeup artists, surgeons and hair designers for you, if you desire to enhance your appearance. Ming will help revamp your image and get you date ready. The world is constantly changing, why are you staying the same? These assessments can be performed in office or in your city, using zoom. If you are ‘Color Blind Elite’ a home visit may be arranged.
Dating Imagine Consulting
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