1. Why a multicultural/ interracial focused matchmaking agency?

We live in a world with various perspectives and a culture of people with differences that when embraced with love in mind, can lead to rich experiences. Approaching love with diversity as a cornerstone gives one access to a larger pool of possible love matches to choose from. However, we always honor our client’s desires. If they choose to only date within their race, that is welcome as well. Our job at CBI is to help you find love and create as many opportunities as possibilities to achieve that goal.

2. Why would I need a matchmaker?

In a world of “Tinder Swindlers” and timewasters, a professional matchmaker makes sense as the perfect source of finding your life-partner. Most dating apps simply don’t measure up to their hype. As matchmakers, we thoroughly pre-screen and pre-qualify potential matches, to ensure our clients are matched with someone looking for a loving, serious relationship, just like you.

3. Are matchmakers only for people who can’t find a dates?

There is a huge misconception that matchmakers only work for people who can’t get a dates. To the contrary, our clients are attractive, high-level, busy professionals, who have the resources to higher an experienced expert to help them find the right person for them. In life you would hire a professional trainer to get in shape, a real estate agent to find your dream home, a luxury travel agent to book your exclusive trips . Professional matchmakers are considered a luxury for those who can afford it.

4. How long have you been in business?

Color Blind International was founded in 2011.

5. What is your success rate?

We are very proud of our 87% successful rate. We have been able to maintain a high rate do to the fact that, we only take clients that we believe we can help. Our job is to find a compatible matches and the chemistry is up to you.

6. Are your clients only in Atlanta?

The larger percentage of our clients are nationally located. We also work with partner agencies abroad for international matches. Our plans are to continue to expand globally, increasing the diversity of the members and the industries they represent.

7. Who will I work with at CBI?

At CBI if you don’t  work directly with Ming, you will work with one of our professional experienced junior matchmakers.

8. What is the cost for this service?

All packages are customized to meet each clients specific needs. Not only do we offer matchmaking, we also offer individual self-enhancement services, host VIP social events and book luxury trips. Please inquire for pricing.

9. Can I purchase your other enhancement services without having to be a matchmaking client?

Yes, self improvement and personal development is very important to our growth. You can purchase a package without purchasing our matchmaking services.

10. Is there a membership fee?

There is an initial interview fee due upon scheduling an appointment. The booking fee is $250.00. This fee will be deducted from your package, shall you choose to become a client with CBI.

11. How do I sign up?

Please click the link below “Request More Information”. Fill  You will receive a email to schedule a call.


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